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    Jaya Kumari

    Proud Mother

    After trying for 2.5 years with no luck, literally after the first try of using the Subhag KIT we are now 8 weeks!
    We were very skeptical on this product working but we were desperate that nothing was working so why not try this. We bought 2  kits and tested for the the first day of ovulation and the first day only. The product was very easy to use after reading over the instructions a few times, we had no issues.
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    Rekha Prajapathi

    Proud Mother

    I had tried to conceive for about a year without success. Both me and my husband didn’t have anything that should prevent us from getting pregnant. But we had been unsuccessful despite trying. Due to my age I felt that I wanted to try to get some help with getting pregnant to speed up the process. Unlike some other people here, I used this as my first conception aid. I didn’t try doctors visits first as they are costly and complicated. So, I wanted to try something cheaper and simpler first (especially considering that me and my husband should’ve been able to get pregnant according to doctors). And guess what we have? Good News !!
  • derek-thomson-422320-unsplash

    Seema Arora

    Proud Mother

    I used it once on the day I was ovulating, now I’m sitting here nursing my little boy as I write this.

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