Androwash is an automated Sperm Washing Device designed in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the “WHO laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen,” sixth edition, 2021.

Androwash is primarily designed for processing one sample at a time. However, depending on your requirements, you can process two samples simultaneously by equalizing the levels in both tubes through the addition of culture medium.

Androwash operates at a speed of 2200 RPM.

Androwash operates at approximately 350g.

No, Androwash is not battery-operated. It runs on a DC power supply through an adapter with specifications of 12V/5A.

Androwash stands apart from conventional Centrifuges in several ways:

  • It follows a predefined program for Density Gradient Centrifugation, aligning with WHO guidelines.
  • It minimizes the need for human intervention.
  • Operating it is straightforward.
  • The entire washing process, including layering, centrifugation, discarding of supernatant, and catheter loading, can be completed within 20 minutes.
  • It features an innovative patented centrifuge SMART TUBE, simplifying layering and discarding, resulting in higher recovery of live motile sperms compared to conventional centrifuges.*

No, you do not require a license to purchase Androwash. In fact, having a centrifuge is a prerequisite for starting an IUI clinic.

No, you must keep the semen sample at room temperature or in an incubator for 20-25 minutes before processing it.

No, the Androwash Device is straightforward to operate. Additionally, a step-by-step Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is provided with the machine, making it easy for you to perform the operation.

No, you cannot change the RPM or Centrifugation parameters. The machine has been tested and validated with a variety of samples, and the optimized parameters have been set to maximize recovery. There is no need to change these parameters.

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