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Sperm Washing and Preparation Techniques for Artificial Insemination and IVF

Starting IUI Clinic is Super Easy With Androwash

Sperm Washing Technique​

AndroWash is the world’s first automatic sperm washing device that eliminates the dependency of andrologists. Now doctors can perform the sperm wash with WHO 2010 double-density gradient method on their own. Please watch the video to see how does it work

" The game-changing solution that empowers doctors to perform SUBHAG IUI procedure with greater ease and efficacy. "

Sperm Washing with Androwash

A washed specimen can be safely stored for a couple of hours prior to insemination. The Fertility Center of California, Sperm Bank Inc., offers a service that keeps the washed specimen safe in a special medium for up to 6 hours in cases where the artificial insemination procedure is delayed.

Shortcoming of traditional centrifuge

The available centrifuge is designed for the skilled person such as lab technician, the combination of two, a centrifuge and the skilled person provides the washed sperm for IUI. In the process, a gyneacologist or small clinic loses 1500 rupees per sperm wash and along with this, you get the possibilities of human error. Also, note that centrifuges are designed for multipurpose centrifugation purpose and they have never been designed for only sperm washing, Hence increasing the size and price.

Bridging the Demand <> Supply Gap

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Double Density Gradient Method Smart Tube


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